Babysitter's Business Training
The ONLY babysitting course that will ABSOLUTELY get you babysitting jobs.

How To Get Babysitting Jobs?

Discover time-tested, proven strategies that will help you get all the babysitting jobs you want AND what you should NEVER try.

Are You Too Young?

Learn the trust-building secrets the best babysitters use to get babysitting jobs even when they're 11, 12, 13 or 14.

How Much To Charge?

Find out how much you SHOULD get paid AND how you can charge more then all other babysitters.

How To Earn Parent's Trust?

You'll learn what to say and NEVER say to parents to earn their trust so you get hired again and again.

Babysitting Business Academy - Online Course
  • Learn at your own pace. Engaging videos of real examples and simple actionable steps that will get you results.
  • All the resources you need to run a successful babysitting business from flyer templates to scripts for what to say to parents.
  • Gain real-life skills like communication, responsibility, sales, marketing, negotiation and time management.
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  • The Babysitting Business Academy online course uses video, stories, actionalbe steps and downloadable resources to help young people (ages 11 and up) get babystting jobs. 
  • This course will take you about 1 to 4 weeks to complete. You can work at your own pace and set your own schedule. Your only test for this course is real life application. When you get your first babysitting job you'll know you passed the class.
  • After completing the course, you will get a Babysitting Business certificate to hang on your wall. But more importantly you will learn real life skills that will not only help you run a successful babysitting business but set the foundation for a successful life.
  • Sign up now: you can start the course as soon as you complete the registration form.
You'll learn about:
  • How to set achievable goals
  • Understanding the parent mindset
  • How much you should charge
  • What are the best babysitting activities
  • How to have good communication
  • How to exceed expectations
  • How to create a babysitting flyer
  • How to build a list of contacts
  • How to get babysitting jobs by calling, emailing and texting
  • How to grow your babysitting buisness
How do I get MORE babysitting jobs QUICKLY?
Maybe you already have one or two families to babysit but you're in a crunch and need more babysitting jobs. We've got you covered. In the Babysitting Business Academy, you'll learn exactly how to get as many babysitting jobs you want. 

You'll discover how to fill your schedule each week ahead of time so when the weekend comes around you won't be scrambling to figure how to get those extra babysitting jobs you need.

In fact, you will learn how to get your favorite families to use you over and over so you can build lasting relationships.
Where do I find people to babysit?
In the Babysitting Business Academy, you will learn the secrets of having an endless list of families to babysit for. In fact, it's the same strategies that businesses use to make millions of dollars every year, the crazy part is it is very simple and you can do it too.

You'll learn how to get acquainted with new families and how to find parents who are eagerly looking for babysitters to pay. Once you're ready, you will find out how and when to tell people you're now an available babysitter.

Don't worry, you don't have to start off with complete strangers. You'll learn how to find the families who already know and trust you so you feel very comfortable taking care of their children.

You'll discover the best strategies for spreading the word about your babysitting services that will work even in a small town.  You'll be the babysitter all of your neighbors call first. 
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